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financial advice for doctors, dentists, nurses and NHS healthcare professionals

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Welcome to, a one-stop hub designed to guide healthcare professionals like you through the world of personal finance.  My name is Dr. Ndubuisi ‘Andy’ Egwim, and I’ve created this platform to share my personal finance journey and the experiences of fellow doctors who have successfully achieved financial freedom.

As healthcare professionals, we face unique challenges and vital choices that can make or mar our financial future. Unfortunately, our busy schedule leaves us very little time to deal with very important issues like student loans, credit rating, negotiating pay, tax planning, credit card choicesmortgage choices, side hustles, pension and retirement planning,  credit rating to work-life balance. Our FREE weekly newsletter offers actionable advice, timely tips, and proven strategies tailored specifically for our profession.

At MoneyWise Doctor, we cover all aspects of personal finance for healthcare professionals, sharing lessons and insights from common financial challenges and mistakes. From negotiating salaries to finding the best insurance and investment opportunities, we’re here to provide guidance and support often lacking in our years of training. isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or professional financial advice, but rather practical tips and insights based on personal experiences. Subscribe to our newsletter, join our growing community, and let’s embark on this journey to financial freedom together.

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Take control of your retirement plans and secure your financial future.  From smart financial planning to practical budgeting tips, provides the tools you need to avoid being taken for a ride by bad financial advisors and dodgy investment schemes. Get pratical tips to help you make  informed decisions about pension and retirement options, so  you can confidently plan for the financial future you deserve

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Are You Overpaying for Bad Financial Advice?

Are you tired of feeling frustrated and demoralised because of bad and misleading financial advice that you sometimes, even have to pay for?  Don’t let that happen to you! 

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Don’t let unscrupulous advisors take advantage of you. You have worked too hard to allow that.

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